7 Ways to Make MOVING Easier

In my career of selling real estate, there is one thing I often take for granted – MOVING.

I tell my clients how easy it is move. It’s easy when I am advising them how easy it is.

Moving can be challenging, and stressful. Moving with achild can be even harder, as I found out. Here are 7 steps that made my move easier and it’s my hope they will help you as well!


STEP ONE Create a moving calendar. Get out a calendar or print a sheet containing the month of/ before your move. Add these tasks, which are steps 2-6 of making your move easier.

STEP TWO Clean Out. 4 weeks prior to moving, set up to one hour aside, each day, to tackle each room in your house. Use this one hour of time blocked to remove items that will not make the move. Use various methods of disposal – trash, recycling, metal and jewelry scrapping, clothing donations, shop and swap gatherings, even household item donations. There are many wonderful charities looking for your unwanted goods. A local charity of choice is Boots Straps and More. If you have TOO many unwanteds and trash consider a dumpster, or hiring a company such as Junk Junk Baby. Be sure to include the fridge in the clean out phase.

STEP THREE Pre-Pack. 3 weeks prior to moving, spend one weekend day organizing and pre-packing. Using boxes or storage totes gather up the items you will not be needing until after the move, organize, and pack them. Label them by item and the room they will go into. Move them to one centralized location, a spare bedroom or into the garage.

STEP FOUR Hired Help/Budget. As soon as pre-packing is done, determine if you will hire a moving company or enlist the help of family and friends. Either way – determine your budget and plan accordingly. Obtain quotes from a mover or two (when the mover arrives inventorying will be easier because you have cleaned out and pre-packed). Be sure to point out any items that won’t be making the move, such as the couch my dog destroyed that will be left curb side. Or contact a rent-a-truck company and ask for assistance in selecting the right-sized truck. Be sure friends and family are on board as well.

STEP FIVE The Little Details. 2 weeks prior to moving, schedule one weekday afternoon, or early evening to contact all utility companies, cable, phone, service providers, etc. and let them know of your move (stopping and starting at the new location). This is a good time to file a change of address form with the Post Office, and notify your bank, credit card companies, insurance agent, and so forth of your move.

STEP SIX Packing. One week prior to moving. Set aside as much time as you can for one or two days, the weekend for example. Go through and pack room by room. Delegate childrens rooms to the kids by setting up boxes and asking them to place items into the boxes. Set aside only what you will need for the next week – clothes, personal items, a few dishes and pots and pans, and must-haves. Everything else gets boxed up and labeled according to the type of item, and where it will be unpacked. Place a bright colored sticker or mark on the boxes that will need to be unpacked first.

STEP SEVEN Moving Day. You can never prepare enough for moving day, but using these simple steps to avoid mayhem can help alleviate some stress. Whether family or friends are helping with the actual move, ask the assistance of a few – one to bring coffee and pastries for breakfast, and run out to grab lunch, one to keep the dog company or better yet – take the dog for the day, and someone to watch the kids or at least keep them entertained. This way you are free from distractions, and are available to gather up those last unpacked items, throw them in your car, and guide the movers. Once to the new location, make sure the boxes and items are placed in the rooms they were meant to be in. Ask family and friends, or the kids, to unpack the boxes with the sticker/mark first. Break down boxes completely as you go, and set aside in one central location. Try to make it fun, and enjoy the process of being in a new place.

Tip – if you must return equipment (i.e. to the cable company) or return keys – put one person in charge of collecting all, ensuring they do not get lost in the move, and make it to their rightful location. 

Another tip – if you are selling a home and buying a home on the same day – seek a mover who will move you out the day before and hold your belongings overnight. Then spend a night in hotel enjoying dinner out, maybe even a dip in the pool. This makes the move a little more relaxing. 


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